HUIZENGA ENTERPRISES offers many professional asphalt services to meet all your contracting needs.

Please take a look at our full menu of services and feel free to ask questions any time.  We are here to help.

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Asphalt Patching

   Potholes, missing chunks or badly cracked asphalt?

   Does it look like a jigsaw puzzle or an alligator?

   We can fix it and we will do it right at a fair price.  Let us do what it takes to make it nice again.  However simple or complex the task, we have the equipment and the know-how to patch asphalt correctly.

   Please feel free to browse the pictures you find on our site.

Pavement Striping

   It’s raining on a dark night… can you see the lines on the parking lot?

   Can others see where to park or drive safely?

   We will clean and repaint to match what was there before or make any changes you need… just ask.

   Sealcoating before restriping is recommended because you will successfully increase the life of your asphalt and the new striping so your money will go much farther.

Pavement Signage

   How’s that STOP sign or HANDICAP marker?

   What about the NO PARKING sign?  Are they still visible enough?

   We can make them like new again!  We also make custom signs and markings according to your needs… just ask!

Asphalt Sealcoating

   How often would you like to repave?

   When asphalt is sealcoated, it lasts much, much longer, making your investment dollars go much, much farther.  That’s because the sealcoat takes the beating from all the traffic, saving the asphalt from the wear and tear.  Sealcoating also gives your asphalt that nice uniform, beautiful, black finish you see in some of the pictures on our site.

   A sealcoating job done the right way means first pressure washing it thoroughly so the new sealcoat will bond and hold.  Then a quality asphalt emulsion sealing product is applied, preferrably in two coats, which gives a much smoother and stronger surface.  The sealcoat sheds water, protects against U.V. and leaky vehicles and prevents the surface from eroding due to the small particles being torn and washed away.

   … Your best investment for your driving and parking areas!

Extruded Curbing

   Do you like nice curbing?

   Need new curbing on your parking lot, driveway or other area?

   Is the old curbing broken and becoming useless?

   We can make it the way you like it… extruded to fit perfectly on asphalt or concrete.

   Whether it be barriers for protection or decoration.  Your Curbing can be glued down or anchored with rebar horizontally, vertically or both.

Wheel Stop Installation

   You don’t need us to tell you what wheel stops are.  Nobody wants a mistake to put a vehicle in the side of a building or parked over the sidewalk.

   Let us install wheel stops for you to protect your safety, the safety of others and your valuable investments.

P.S.   Your insurance company will be happier, too.

Crack Sealing

   Are those cracks making your parking lot or driveway look like a mess?  Is it getting rough to drive on?

   When cracks open up they allow the base material under the asphalt to be eroded by water or pushed out by the weight of vehicles driving on it.  Eventually you will have bigger problems like potholes and broken chunks of pavement which are much more expensive to repair.

   We will clean the cracks of dirt and debris and apply a hot rubberized road tar compound to seal them up nicely so they don’t become bigger problems.  The rubberized sealing compound will allow the asphalt to expand and contract with the weather and temperature changes, maintaining a good seal for a long time.

   The process also leaves about a 3 inch wide band of waterproof material covering the top of the crack to be sure it is well covered for the longest lasting protection… and it won’t stick to your shoes after it has set up.

   Crack sealing is one of the most cost effective preventive maintenance measures you can take.

    Let us help your maintenance dollars go farther and get more done!

Pressure Washing

   Roofs, gutters, siding, decks, railings, stairs, concrete, asphalt, equipment… too many things to mention… we can pressure wash them for you.

   When a lower powered machine just can’t cut it, we use industrial strength equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

   Before painting, deck staining, concrete or asphalt sealing and various other tasks, you will want to pressure wash to make sure the job you are doing will give you the best and longest lasting results.

Roof Cleaning, Repair and Treatment

   How does your roof look? Is it getting ugly?  Is something growing there that shouldn’t be?  Are the gutters full of stuff?

   These things are all very common here in the north west and we are ready and able to help you prevent costly damage.

   Composition, Cedar Shake, Metal, or Flat roofing… north facing or south… we will clean it and treat it to help prevent growth.

   Let us also inspect your roof once each year, clean the gutters and downspouts and apply the appropriate treatment.

Concrete Services

   Are you looking to upgrade your concrete driveway?  Or perhaps add a pad along the side of your house.

Regardless of your concrete needs, we have the tools and skills to get the job done!

Brush Clearing and Land Mowing

   Do you have property that’s overgrown with blackberry bushes, saplings or other vegetation?

   Would you like to reclaim and maintain your land and fence lines?

   Using some of the fastest, most efficient production mowing equipment, we can meet all your needs.

   We can also keep your properties and right-of-ways maintained on regular schedules according to your preferences.

    Let us help your maintenance dollars go farther and get more done!

Snow and Ice Removal

   We all know that when winter comes, snow often makes so many things more difficult and less safe.

   Let us remove that snow and spread de-icer to make your day a little easier and safer.

   Safety is our #1 priority and your safety is paramount.

   We take a proactive approach to getting the snow and ice out of your way as quickly as possible.  We also like to keep the ice to a minimum with de-icer applied at just the right times so you are safer and can have peace of mind.

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