Asphalt Sealcoating

   How often would you like to repave?

   When asphalt is sealcoated, it lasts much, much longer, making your investment dollars go much, much farther.  That’s because the sealcoat takes the beating from all the traffic, saving the asphalt from the wear and tear.  Sealcoating also gives your asphalt that nice uniform, beautiful, black finish you see in some of the pictures on our site.

   A sealcoating job done the right way means first pressure washing it thoroughly so the new sealcoat will bond and hold.  Then a quality asphalt emulsion sealing product is applied, preferrably in two coats, which gives a much smoother and stronger surface.  The sealcoat sheds water, protects against U.V. and leaky vehicles and prevents the surface from eroding due to the small particles being torn and washed away.

   … Your best investment for your driving and parking areas!



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