Asphalt Crack Sealing

   Are those cracks making your parking lot or driveway look like a mess?  Is it getting rough to drive on?

   When cracks open up they allow the base material under the asphalt to be eroded by water or pushed out by the weight of vehicles driving on it.  Eventually you will have bigger problems like potholes and broken chunks of pavement which are much more expensive to repair.

   We will clean the cracks of dirt and debris and apply a hot rubberized road tar compound to seal them up nicely so they don’t become bigger problems.  The rubberized sealing compound will allow the asphalt to expand and contract with the weather and temperature changes, maintaining a good seal for a long time.

   The process also leaves about a 3 inch wide band of waterproof material covering the top of the crack to be sure it is well covered for the longest lasting protection… and it won’t stick to your shoes after it has set up.

   Crack sealing is one of the most cost effective preventive maintenance measures you can take.

    Let us help your maintenance dollars go farther and get more done!



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